We created a whole new way of interacting with others.

Finally, a new and better way of getting in touch with those you know and care about. It’s Up4Dat. Are you?

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Get together with friends in a few clicks

There’s no more messing about. No more calling, texting, messaging and whatever else to get your friends together for a great night out. With Up4Dat, a few taps and you'll be all organised for an awesome evening with your friends.

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Hang out with friends nearby

See which friends are nearby in our handy "in zone" feature and quickly send them an invite for a coffee, beer – whatever. Whenever you want some pals to spend time with, they're just a tap away.

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Go4dat with your crew

Got a favourite spot, or a number of incredible places you just love? Go there with your very own crew. Users can group their contacts, and with these groups they can organise all kinds of events and avoid the need to keep selecting people from contacts all over again.

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We don’t believe in maybes

With Up4Dat, you're fully in the picture, and there are certainly no maybes here. Users simply accept or reject an invitation, so you know who's attending an event and who's not. With Up4Dat, it's a simple yes or no, giving you total ease of organisation. At the same time users are allowed to suggest a change in time, date, place - you name it.

Invite anyone you know! We are the ice-breakers.

Don’t be shy – we’re not. No more awkward intros to an invite, no more small talks. Go ahead and use Up4Dat to invite someone to whatever you want – café, pub, club, cinema, gym. The choice is yours, so live it.